Bust of Baphomet (in Resin)

$ 10,000.00

All proceeds support ongoing Satanic Temple campaigns.

Read more about the campaign to put a statue in Oklahoma City.

The Bust of Baphomet (in resin) is cast from the same mold as the full-sized Baphomet statue and is signed and numbered by the sculptor, Mark Porter. A certificate of authenticity is also included and signed by Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry.

The first edition is available for 12,500. Choose your selection below.


The bust is cast in resin and the edition is limited to just 10 in this material. The bust is 43 inches tall, 22 inches wide and 16 inches deep, and are cast in Brooklyn and come with a steel wall mount.

Purchasing the Statue

  • The busts are still in production, please allow up to two months for delivery.

Mark Porter is a Brooklyn-based artist originally from Rhode Island. He has apprenticed and collaborated with many artists, on small to monumental pieces. Mostly self-taught Mark also attended Grand Central Academy where he studied classical sculpture. Currently Mark is running a design/build shop. More information can be found at: markporterworks.com.


This is a limited time offering and at any time online sales may terminate and any unsold busts will be represented by an art gallery where the sale prices will be substantially higher.  Proceeds go to support the numerous campaigns of The Satanic Temple.


Shipping is Included in Price

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